The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products


A key priority of the ASBP is to adopt and/or develop a suite of standards and eco-labels that encourage the identification, specification and correct use of product category leading sustainable building products. This approach meets the aspiration of EU and UK policy, and will lead to better more sustainable buildings as well as reward the market leaders and innovators.




As the UK representatives of Natureplus the ASBP will:

  • Expand the recognition of the label with architects and specifiers through multiple routes such as trade shows, seminars, workshops and regional road-shows. This marketing activity will be led by manufacturers but coordinated and delivered by the ASBP.
  • Expand the scope and reach of Natureplus through the development of additional product categories and through continued harmonisation with European Standards. This activity is ongoing, and the UK now has representation on the Natureplus board.
  • Encourage UK manufacturers of appropriate sustainable building products to seek Natureplus certification. The ASBP have identified and engaged in advanced discussions with a number of UK manufacturers.
  • Establish partnerships with UKAS accredited third party test institutes to provide the natureplus certification service within the UK. TRADA and CERAM have already indicated their desire to work with the ASBP.

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Proven natural materials, such as straw bale and rammed earth, are not currently classified through any unilateral standard or certification system. Establishment of such a system, and its promotion, will greatly increase specification of such materials and methods, as well as keep standards high. ASBP will work with partners such as EBUK and Strawworks to develop and/or adopt a suite of appropriate standards. 



The ASBP will develop standards to encourage best practice in the specification and application of demonstrably sustainable building products. These standards will seek to identify those companies (such as architects, contractors, and distributors) that lead in the specification and use of sustainable building products. Consultations have begun with leading European providers of such certification (VIBE in Belgium). A key priority will be to create draft standards to review with relevant stakeholders.