The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Standard Members

Allergy UK

The charity Allergy UK is a non-government funded not for profit organisation, formed in 1991 by leading allergists to improve awareness, management and treatment of allergy. Since then it has developed into the UKs recognised charity for allergy and has an extensive range of activities. We are continually seeking ways to improve the quality of life for people with allergy, by offering as much support and information as possible. We have over 130 factsheets on our website and our helpline advisors are allergy trained and provide reassurance and guidance to people suffering from allergy, seeking best advice as to how to cope and make their everyday life more bearable.


Architype has a different approach. "Architype don't just design buildings that look good and feel great, they design buildings that work" Alison Grenan, headteacher St Luke's Primary School. At no extra capital cost, we deliver higher quality design with radically reduced running costs. By avoiding architectural complexity and focusing on simplicity, we get more value out of your budget. By consulting effectively, we ensure that your building will express your ethos and meet your practical needs. By designing to Passivhaus, we deliver the lowest possible energy consumption and the most comfortable internal environment. By learning from the evidence gained by monitoring the performance of our previous buildings, we ensure that your building will work. Architype offers a range of services including: architectural and fully integrated design team services, Passivhaus consultancy, whole life carbon analysis, and post occupancy building performance monitoring. "Design is not just how something looks or how it feels, design is how it works" Steve Jobs

BioRegional Development Group

BioRegional is an award-winning social enterprise which establishes sustainable businesses and works with partners around the world to demonstrate that a sustainable future is attractive and affordable. Our work is based on practical experience gained through delivering real-life projects in partnership with organisations around the world.

British Wool Marketing Board

A farmer run organisation, the British Wool Marketing Board was established in 1950 to operate a central marketing system for UK fleece wool. British wool is now used widely in the construction industry and is efficient, sustainable, safe, durable and affordable.


In 2001 our founders focused their passion for natural building materials and techniques into a company specialising in constructing and plastering with clay. Our love, understanding and respect for clay as a building material grew and, 7 years later, with hundreds of projects behind us, an award for Pioneers of the Nation from HM the Queen and 2 internationally acclaimed books, we decided to create and manufacture the best natural clay plaster in the world. A plaster that would rival the usability and practicality of any other alternative, but with no synthetic, toxic or caustic ingredients. 100% natural unfired clay. A plaster that could revolutionise the building industry and create a new aesthetic for architects and designers across the globe. That would embrace the powerful new trends for embedding quality materials into the fabric of the building, immense practical credentials and that would be, most of all, incredibly beautiful. We have completed 1000s of projects worldwide and our clients include Nandos, Wagamama, Wahaca, Foster and Partners and many leading interior designers.

Cullinan Studio

Cullinan Studio are architects and masterplanners. We believe the power of a good building lies in its understanding of the present for the benefit of an unknown future - a spatial framework for learning, playing, working and living. We aim to make beautiful, useful and sustainable buildings and places. Our work crosses most sectors: cultural, education, health, housing and urban regeneration. We start with people and communities: what will work best for users and what will add social value. Our projects are designed to be sustainable (socially, economically and environmentally). We are a leader in new smart solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection. We celebrated 50 years of cooperative practice in 2015.

Ecological Building Systems UK Ltd

Ecological Building Systems has been at the forefront of supplying Intelligent airtight and windtight building product solutions and natural insulations for over a decade, gaining sole agency in Ireland and the UK for Pro clima; Gutex and Calsitherm. Our technical expertise and leading range of ecological products, provides the highest specifications for diffusion open, healthy, low energy sustainable buildings.

Econovate Ltd

Econovate has developed an award winning sustainable low carbon material that plans to position itself at a worldwide scale. The vision is to take a share of the low carbon building materials value chain by using low-grade waste paper and cardboard, diverted from landfills to create superior construction products. Our current product “econoblok” uniquely combines technologies from different industries to manufacture fibre-cellulose based breeze block, engineered to achieve enhanced thermal and acoustic specifications in an affordable and high performing structural block all rolled into one product. Our current objective is to set up a semi-automatic demonstration plant allowing us to gain certification of the product. The certification of the product and production process will allow us to enter the market by showing the technology to potential customers by supplying blocks for exemplar buildings. We are entering a new era within the construction industry of sustainable products which will need to achieve the new building regulations in most developed countries to address the reduction of CO2 emissions. The code for sustainable homes ( in UK) and LEAD in many other countries will require developers and builders to achieving a higher standard of construction specifically focusing on the thermal performance of the envelope of buildings. Current technology cannot achieve the highest levels without losing living space and increasing up to 40% construction costs. We would offer a sustainable product at current breeze blocks price; a well known technology that will achieve the highest level of regulation without increasing the width of a current wall and without increasing building cost.

Ecos Maclean

John Hutchinson. Since July 2010, John has acted as a part-time consultant for Feilden + Mawson LLP, to provide expert advice on lime mortar, plaster and render, stone conservation, prevention of corrosion on the undersides of malleable metal roofs, the properties of and conservation of historic ferrous metals and on sustainable building construction. In addition to RIBA and CIArb membership, John is a member of the following organisations: The Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (ASCHB) The Building Limes Forum (BLF) The Association for Environmently Conscious Building (AECB) The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) The National Historic Ironwork Group (NHIG) The Network Group for Composites in Construction (NGCC); John has been elected to sit on its Steering Group since November 2004 The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3) The National Non-Food Crop Centre (NNFCC)


Enviromate Reuse Ltd

Eurban Ltd

Eurbans unique position as a leading specialist timber contractor, as well as engineer, means that during the collaborative process of design development, structural design decisions are made with full consideration for buildabilty, cost and programme. Involvement from a specialist timber engineer ensures construction phase risks are identified and mitigated early in the design stage. Our team of specialist timber engineers provide structural engineering services to deliver innovative timber structures using a wide range of engineered timber components and systems. We design structures to EuroCode 5 and utilize the latest 3D modeling and engineering software as well as the latest CAD/CAM planning and production software. We offer the complete structural design and engineering service required to design, fabricate and install engineered timber building structures.


GreenSpec is the foremost green building resource in the UK. Independent of companies and trade bodies and launched in 2003 with government funding, GreenSpec promotes sustainable building products, materials and construction techniques. GreenSpec is edited by practising architects and specifiers - ensuring that the content and communication style is responsive to the needs of both design professionals and the self-build audience.

Incrops Enterprise Hub

InCrops is part of the Adapt Low Carbon Group, based at the University of East Anglia. The InCrops team works with businesses and entrepreneurs to increase low carbon economic growth in the East of England. This includes providing consultancy on the development or adoption of bio-based products made from plants, algae, and agricultural and food wastes.

Lime Green Products Ltd

Founded in 2002, Lime Green Products is a leading supplier of high quality lime-based products for use in building renovation, conservation and new construction. . Their customer base is wide and includes home owners, builders merchants, contractors and public bodies. Lime Green is a forward thinking, innovative company committed to offering construction materials from sustainable sources which minimize environmental impact and contribute to healthier buildings. To support the recognised advantages of breathable building insulation systems and lime based materials, Lime Green holds a BBA Accreditation for its Warmshell External Wall Insulation System suitable for both existing and new traditionally built houses and commercial buildings. With an expected life span of over 30 years, this is the only UK manufactured external wall insulation system using breathable lime render to have also passed ETAG 004 European Technical Approval. Lime Green ensures compliance through its installer and specifiers training programme. To meet growing demand for its environmentally friendly products, Lime Green has embarked on the development of its current manufacturing site in Shropshire to provide significantly greater capacity and warehousing together with new offices. The first phase of this expansion was completed in 2014. Research and Development are key to the company’s success, products are quality controlled and refined wherever possible and new products designed all in their Lime Lab.

Living Solutions

Living solutions is a social enterprise and registered charity based in Cowdenbeath, Fife which has been running for over 10 years. Our aim are to; Conserve and protect the natural environment,Reduce unemployment, Promote the use on home grown timber in sustainable affordable housing. Living achieves these aims through environmental work and projects carried out in the local community and by providing employment, training, volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships to local unemployed people. We currently have 2 in forestry, 1 team carrying out estate maintenance, 1 horticulture team and a team processing and innovating with home grown timber. We are passionate about our environment and our young people. We are members of the Fife social enterprise network and our development manager is current chair of the Fife Rural Skills Partnership. We won a Bronze Diversity award last year for work with vulnerable volunteers and 3rd place at the Fife Social Enterprise for social enterprise of the year.

MDF Recovery

MDF Recovery Ltd has developed a novel, proprietary process to recover wood fibre from waste MDF. Until now, landfill or burning were the only options for disposing of MDF. We offer a better ecological solution for MDF disposal which generates a new raw material source for the wood/natural fibre industry that reduces demand on standing forests. The recovered fibre is of the same high quality as virgin wood fibre and provides a feedstock to the manufacturers of MDF board, insulation products and formable packing materials.

Mead: Energy & Architectural Design Ltd

MEAD Ltd was founded by Kym Mead in 2014 as an independent consultancy specialising in low-energy buildings, offering impartial advice and certification to industry professionals and aspiring self-builders. MEADs aim is to reduce the energy demand of all buildings, provide excellent indoor air quality and comfort levels, through the use of ecologically conscious design and building materials.

Modece Architects

Award winning architects established in 1985 by Ralph Carpenter and Richard Scales, located in the Suffolk countryside between Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds. They coined the phrase, deep green architecture . . . using materials with the lowest possible embodied energy and serviced by carbon neutral systems. Use of natural materials allows Modece to create comfortable, healthy and beautiful buildings for people to live and work in. Their architecture responds to seasonal weather variations and climate change using simple design principles such as orientation, mass, solar shading and natural ventilation with simple control systems. Complicated high-tech equipment is not necessary. In short, they aim for buildings that lift the spirits and sit lightly on the earth.

Native Chartered Architects

We are an award-winning architects practice based in York, North Yorkshire. We are known for both our modern, sustainable architecture with cutting edge materials like hempcrete and our expertise working with historic buildings and traditional materials and techniques. Native has an excellent track record of delivering high quality and exciting design solutions for bespoke new build housing, upgrading existing buildings and community and commercial buildings. We are known for our sensitive regeneration schemes and rural diversification projects, making the best use of underused buildings.

New Sustainable Building Model Ltd

New Sustainable Building Model (NSBM) Ltd is a design and build company delivering life-cycle eco-efficient, new build and retrofit building solutions for a circular economy and one planet living. NSBM applies its unique eco-efficient framework and awarding winning Green Apple Eco-rating tool to achieve minimal environmental impacts, best performance and exceptional human health and comfort levels. All toxic polluting processes, excessive material use are avoided to achieve exemplar innovative buildings. For further information, please see Alternatively contact the company on 020 323 93681 or by email:


Specialising in the interpretation and development of design concepts and proposals into tangible, innovative and commercially viable solutions, providing the link between initial concept through to delivery and implementation. Working as either part of your team or independently, Wimpole Road Director Jon Baker understands the mechanics and processes of these projects having successfully delivered innovative and demanding schemes for a wide variety of national and international clientele.

Peter Brett Associates LLP

We are an independent practice of engineers, planners, scientists, and economists focused on delivering sustainable, profitable and resilient schemes for our clients. Our civil, structural and M&E services ensure a holistic approach towards solving complex building challenges. Supported by expertise in planning, transport, geotechnical and environmental services, we can provide a seamless service from initial feasibility through to design and construction. We are committed to delivering buildings that are comfortable, efficient and affordable, and to maximising opportunities for improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and optimising visual and thermal comfort. We achieve this through careful selection of building elements and refurbishment techniques, low or zero-carbon technologies and Passivhaus standards.

Rachel Bevan Architects

Rachel Bevan Architects incorporate into their designs their knowledge of ecological construction, with attention to the health and environmental impact implications of buildings & products. They undertake research work, and feed-back this knowledge into their practice work. Rachel as lead designer of this award winning practice, designs buildings with respect for the existing historic, urban or rural context. The practice has both design and hands-on expertise in Hemp Lime Construction, as published in 2008 by IHS BRE Press. Tom Woolley is author of Natural Building and also edited the Green Building Handbook. Tom Woolley provides CPD training courses and in-house advice. We have carried out research, consultancy into sustainable building and bio-based materials through European and UK funding. We are members of the Building Limes Forum, EBUK, the Small Woods Association, Scientists for Global Responsibility & AECB.


A resource constrained world demands new thinking and new business models. Representatives from extraction, design, recycling, manufacturing, retail and resource recovery must come together to capitalise on the commercial opportunities of a circular economy. Resource is the first major conference and exhibition for organisations looking to develop strong resource strategy and resilient resource security, providing opportunities to collaborate, partner, network and learn.

Rounded Developments Enterprises Ltd

Rounded Developments Enterprises Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (Registered in Wales - Number 4622932). RDE was established in 2002 in order to bring the world of sustainable development out of rhetoric and into reality. RDE is registered for VAT - No. 810 731 955 Aims and objectives: The Aims and Objectives of RDE are as follows: Champion the development of sustainable building in Wales by: Raising awareness and sharing knowledge through educational activities; Developing supply chain networks; Facilitating and supporting the implementation of projects.

Smet Building Products Ltd

With over 15 years of experience in the supply of building materials to the construction industry, both nationally and internationally; Smet Building Products Ltd is passionate about delivering the leading names in innovative building products direct from mainland Europe to Ireland and the UK. SMET are firmly at the forefront of building materials innovations and offer a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable building materials including Calcium Sulphate Floor Screeds and Compounds, Natural Hydraulic Lime products including a range of EN 459-1, CE marked NHL 2, 3.5 & 5 Natural Hydraulic Lime Binders, NHL Machine & Hand applied Plasters and Renders.


SpecifiedBy helps architects, designers and specifiers to make informed decisions about building products and materials through a database of over 15,000 products and materials available in the UK. By collating and extracting specification data about products into a structured and standardised format, SpecifiedBy is able to provide advanced search and comparison functionality, allowing specifiers to very quickly find the best products for a particular project. The company now wants to focus on highlighting the sustainable criteria of products and make simple, open access to this information available to everyone; hopefully encouraging the use of sustainable options where possible.

Straw Works

Straw Works offers design, build and training services in straw bale building and other natural materials. Straw bale pioneer, Barbara Jones leads the Straw Works team who deliver courses on strawbale building, lime and clay plastering and rammed tyre foundations. They offer design and consultancy services for straw bale buildings and other sustainable designs.

The BioComposites Centre

Since 1989, BC (or The BioComposites Centre) has been at the forefront of research, development and the commercial application of bio-based alternatives to synthetic materials. Today, in a world where sustainability and the environment are moving to the top of the agenda, we offer businesses of all kinds the knowledge and the technical means to put those alternatives into practice, helping them lower costs, increase productivity and make their activities more environmentally and socially responsible. With extensive laboratories, scale up facilities and a pilot plant to back up desk based studies we can deliver more than just a 'literature review'.

The Natural Building Centre

We are a family run business based in Snowdonia, supporting our community and conserving our built landscape and heritage. Training - our popular courses in building crafts and the applied arts, ranging from lime plastering to fresco painting, run throughout the year. Please look at our website for dates and information. Sales - we supply a range of ecologically sound building materials, including traditional lime plasters, natural fibre insulation and locally sourced timber. Conservation - we have twenty years of experience in the repair of historic artefacts. Advice - we are experts in traditional building repair and the sensitive use of materials.

Ty-Mawr Lime Ltd

Established in 1995 by husband and wife, Nigel and Joyce Gervis, Ty-Mawr Lime Ltd has made an enormous contribution to resurrecting the use of traditional building materials across the UK. Based in Wales, they have become a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of environmentally-friendly building materials and systems, providing a one-stop shop for clients throughout the UK and beyond. As well as delivering RIBA-accredited CPDs and a range of training courses in traditional as well as more sustainable building skills and methods, they are one of the few companies in the UK who specialise in insulating old, hard-to-treat buildings and have developed a range of innovative, breathable insulation systems using exclusively sustainable materials. They have LABC registered details for these systems which include external and internal wall insulation systems, an insulated Limecrete floor, as well as a warm roof system.

Waverton Analytics Ltd

Waverton Analytics Limited specialises in environmental analytics, offering instrumentation and testing services for the analysis of gases and chemical vapours in air. In 2012, Waverton launched a range of indoor air quality (IAQ) tests for residential customers, offices, industrial/commercial buildings, hospitals and schools. These include tests for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde which may be present as a result of off-gassing from building materials and surface coatings or through the use of various household chemicals. The tests involve thermal desorption tube (TDT) sample collection using pumped sampling kits supplied by Waverton, followed by sample analysis in an ISO17025 certified laboratory.