The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Our Activities

The ASBP is a cross sector organisation which aims to engage with a wide range of stakeholders to improve understanding, specification and use of sustainable building products.

Delivering this improvement will require ASBP, its members and professional partners to pursue a number of activities in the following areas.

  • Communication and Education
  • Research
  • Policy
  • Standards

This work will bring together the best existing practice in, building, sustainability and governance, and aims to deliver both policy and practice, beyond existing generic standards, to allow end users and product manufacturers to identify specific sector leading products.

Realising the full benefits of these sustainable products will require wider education and communication of their properties and appropriate use, based upon ongoing research and practical deployment.

 In addition their use must be adequately recognised and supported by policy and regulation frameworks. ASBP will use its independent cross sector membership and high standards of governance to ensure that it is both an authoritative and representative voice for policy change.

At all stages, ASBP must be able to demonstrate clarity and rigour in its ongoing assessment of what represents the best in sustainable building products. We will commence this work by adopting and adapting the European natureplus standard, and will develop on this foundation alongside our members and a range of standards and certification partners.

Read our Manifesto here.