The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Aims & Objectives

Protecting the environment and natural resources, while achieving further advances in the structural performance, energy use and health impacts of buildings, are all key objectives of the move to greater use of sustainable building products, championed by the ASBP.

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While Government policies for Zero carbon homes have started to address the need to reduce the energy use of buildings, the energy used in their construction and the depletion of other, non-energy resources, has not yet featured on the building standards agenda.

While we are surrounded by claims of Eco homes and “green” building materials, it is very difficult for architects, designers and the construction industry to identify which building products, are sustainably sourced, processed, and manufactured.

ASBP believe that by providing independent assessment of specific sustainable products, as is currently available in parts of Europe and likely to become a legal requirement in time, we can protect natural resources, and those that manage and use them, reward those producers who genuinely innovate, and assist the development of a resource efficient, sustainable and healthy building sector.