The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

About Us


A sustainable built environment is one of the most urgent environmental, social and economic challenges of the 21st century. Such a challenge demands an unprecedented transformation in how we understand, construct and use buildings. Sustainable building products are an essential part of this process, but have been largely ignored or inadequately represented in the recent past. The ASBP was set up  to champion the cause of sustainable building products to ensure this issue is properly understood and valued, ensuring products that meet demonstrably high standards of sustainability become more widely adopted.



Our mission is to help accelerate the transformation to a sustainable built environment and society by championing the understanding and use of demonstrably sustainable building products.




Sustainable building products will not only assist in delivering high performance, healthy and low carbon buildings, but will help to promote sustainable social and economic development, and to foster a broader understanding of the relationship between people, buildings and nature. In this way they can act as a catalyst for transformation at many levels.



In order to succeed in our mission the ASBP will:

  • Be a cross sector organisation that is transparent, rigorous, not for profit and entirely for public good.
  • Provide structure and leadership to support the use of sustainable building products.
  • Promote and develop sustainable product standards (for both manufacture and use) with particular focus on the Natureplus eco-label.
  • Encourage credible research to improve the understanding of sustainable products and related issues.
  • Promote the benefits of sustainable building products to policy makers, industry and the public.
  • Campaign for more effective legislation, funding and public procurement policies to promote the uptake of sustainable building products and ensure their development for the public good. 


Download the FAQ's document HERE.